What payment methods do you accept?

I accept debit, all major credit cards, e-transfer and cash.

What does my pets day consist of?

Routine is very important in this industry. Once your pet is built into a certain routine, the grooming process will be very simple and fun for them. Typically your dog will come in one to one and await his/her turn to be bathed. After bathing, they will be blow dried or hand dried based on coat type and then finally the groom will take place and they will be sent home after. Please take your pet to the washroom before bringing him/her into the salon in order to prevent any accidents that may occur.

What’s your work experience?

I have been working in the animal industry since 2013 and have extensive experience with all breeds of dogs and their characteristics. I have taken all of the necessary pet courses to help me excel in my profession. Currently I have pet first aid, dog psychology, am a member of the National Association of Professional Creative Grooming, and I am also a certified pet groomer with level 1 CCST-1 training through the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists.   

Do you know breed standards?

I sure do! From single-coated breeds like poodles, to double-coated breeds like keeshonds and everything in between.

Will you shave my double-coated breed?

Absolutely not unless there is a note from your vet.  Dogs have their coats for a reason. Your pets two layered coat keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If this gets taken off, then the hair follicles will not be able to grow the same and will be prone to post clipping allopecia among other issues.

Do you use muzzles?

I try my best not to. I believe that muzzles make a worried dog become stressed and can escalate the situation. I will work patiently with your pet in order to accomplish their groom in a safe and calm manner so that they will come back less worried next time. With that being said, if a dog is super aggressive I may have to use one.

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